Wellness products

Rice is known for promoting cell growth, stimulating blood flow, and assist keeping your skin smooth and bright.

Melotti Farm is one of the top rice production farms in northern Italy. They have introduced many byproducts. So, it wasn't a surprise that rice skincare products could be found in their store.

The Cream is a outstanding lightweight form formula for all skin types.  It's hydrating and calming to the skin without a sticky and heavy feel. Hand cream is perfect to heal dry skin.

Rice Water

Rice, the most popular edible grain in our lifetime , is also a grain for skin  healing and rejuvenation. The  byproducts of ”rice water”, the water that rice is soaked in,  are rich in ferulic acid and allantoin. Ferulic acid is a wonderful antioxidant which works as a sun protection factor. When combined with allantoin as an anti-inflammatory factor, applying rice water will help protect the skin from sun burns. Also, washing the face will enhance fair skin.  

In Japan, Geisha used this” rice water”  in the bath for soft, smooth and luminous skin. The effects of rice(rice water) are further enhanced if it is fermented. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, and traces of ‘Pitera’, a substance produced during the fermentation process. Pitera has ability to promote cell regeneration, helping skin stay young and beautiful. The nutrients in fermented rice water are believed to shrink pores, reduce fine lines, and tighten and brighten your skin. Today, you can find major cosmetic company products which contain rice/fermented rice water. Rice bran, which is produced when brown rice is milled to white rice,  has also been used to wash hair, dishes, and even natural wood floors.

Sawami Aoki who is soaper has worked with LiveRice and exclusively supplies White Rice Soaps on our shop.

Soap dish made by ceramic artist EunYoung Sebazco

Soap dish made by ceramic artist EunYoung Sebazco