Rice straw roap

Shimenawa (“enclosing rope”-sacred twists of rice straw rope) are lengths of laid rice straw rope used for ritual purification in Japanese culture. They can be as small and light as a feather or weigh over 3,000 pounds. Shimenawa are set up at ground-breaking ceremonies for new construction because the Japanese believe that the rope will provide protection against evil spirits.  

Grand champion Sumo wrestlers wear shimenawa around their waist during their entrance ceremonies to mark their rank. The grand champions are seen as living gods.

Photo:  Izuma Taisha

Photo: Izuma Taisha

In Japan, these ropes decorate the doorways of private residences to keep away malicious spirits, notably during the New Year, in January. Shimenawa are used during the holiday as a symbol of purity, and protection.

Shimenawa created at the great Shimenawa Workshop Conducted by Master Florist Yumi Ichihashi of Baum at Globus Washitsu in December-2014. It will decorate our front door entrance throughout 2016.

Rice Straw: Hope for a good harvest season
Tangerine: Continued great descendants
Pine tree twig: Protection from evil spirits
Mizuhiki(Traditional Knot): Hope for great connection
Shide(Paper Deco): Symbol of a sanctuary.