The RICE community explores a single ingredient, rice. Rice is an unlimited resource from food to art and lifestyle. The RICE community studies its heritage and traditions that are passed through generations and also searches innovation on its uses. By comparing traditional and modern rice usage and products, the RICE community seeks to inform urban audiences and continue the dialog while inspiring an important commodity for the next generation. This RICE community would express through each important fact the deep appreciation of rice relevant to culture, generation after generation.



Recipe of Month

A traditional Korean food that deserves to become popular all over the world, “Bibimbap.” One bowl of bibimbap contains many different elements of traditional Korean food including rice and side dishes. It is a healthy meal that showcases vegetables as its main ingredients. It offers nutritional balance and its wonderful taste is enhanced by fermented gochujang (Chili pepper paste), which brings harmony to the flavors of all the other ingredients. Read more



Master Chef Andy Matsuda is the founder of the Sushi Chef Institute in Los Angeles. In 2002, he opened the Sushi Chef training school in downtown Los Angeles. One of the few Sushi schools outside of Japan, he teaches beginners and professional chefs from all over the world. He also works with the California Rice Commission & Norwegian Seafood Council.
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with CUNY TV Reporter Paul Lin

with CUNY TV Reporter Paul Lin

Founder LiveRice EunYoung Sebazco appeared on CUNY TV 'Asian American Life' and talk about RICE