Bizen ware

Bizen ware (備前焼 Bizen-yaki
Soil is rich with iron where rice grows. This produces organic matter that  creates a unique quality for primary ceramic materials. Niigata prefecture is known for the best short grain rice production area in Japan. They are also well known for one of traditional Japanese pottery style for hundreds of years. They have been using the iron rich soil for making the pottery called Bizen Yaki. Without glazing, Bizen Yaki has a red to dark brown color, a signature  organic pottery.

Dry rice straw is used in Japan to color or create  patterns on pottery. The rice straw is wrapped around the pieces leaving  red and brown marks  during the firing process. This technique is also used for dying material on pottery art in the Niigata prefecture region, Japan. Dry rice straw contains high amounts silica and oxalates, which create a unique texture.