The life starts germinating

Photo Credit:  Davide Mantovani

Photo Credit: Davide Mantovani

We returned to the rice paddy after 20 days of sowing. We had left a mirror of water but the paddy field is empty. Has something been added or did someone brake a bank? No, everything is ok! It is a normal rice cultivation practices. In fact, the water is not always present in paddy field. Along the rice grow, water could be added to raise or be reduced to lower. The most visible drying of rice field calls “Prima Sutta” in Italian local language which is crucial for rice. Now, I could describe why.
After 10-15 days, true leaves have emerged on rice seedling and thin white roots have stretched. Rice seedling roots start to anchor to the soil, they are not necessary to reach out to blew the surface of soil on this stage. Water is the main key here because rice seedling roots are looking for water and try to anchor down. This stage is very important because if rice seedlings doesn’t want to ground, they could be floated away by waves and wind. This is same fundamental when you built house, you need to have a solid foundation. Rice seedlings have to have sturdy feet to grow as a strong plant. When you hold rice seedling with white roots and small green leave will envision the full grains of rice paddies. This time of rice paddies is brown field with little green dots which the life starts germinating.