Rice with Glasses

at Hacienda Cusin

at Hacienda Cusin

Rice is another staple of Ecuadorian cuisine and was introduced by the Spanish. High yields and ease in cultivation make rice an important crop and food source in Ecuador as well as many parts of the world.

I have been traveling in Ecuador for few weeks. I have met great people and learned new things. Here is the simplest recipe that made me happy one day my lunch.

Arroz Con Gafas (Rice with Glasses)
Typical Ecuadorian dish basically consists of white rice and two fried eggs served to pretend to be a pair of glasses, eye or lenses. Shh, if you have one fried egg, it is a pirate eye.

Ingredients:Two Fries Eggs
Two Fries Eggs
White Rice
Olive Oil (option)
Avocado (option)

Once the rice is ready place it on the plate and place the two fried eggs on top.