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Yuki Yamamoto Collection

Saimtitu(elaborate coloring) Yuzen, which Mr.Yamamoto
creates, embodies three features: delicacy, texture, and light. 
His artistic vision elevates the traditional Nippon techniques
by preserving silk’s elegant texture and using Japanese dyes and pigments to maximize contrasts of light. 
He challenges the limits of human ability to draw lines as thin as
possible in order to represent exquisite detail and delicacy
which are astounding to behold. His designs transcend the traditional and is a bridge to modern lifestyles.

Mr.Yamamoto creates Kimonos for Japanese celeblities such as
Ms.Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, one of the most beloved talk show hosts.“Tetsuko no heya” has been airing for 40 years.
On display will be the Kimono which she wore when Tom Cruise appeared on her show in Tokyo, Japan.

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100nen gohan